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If you need capital to start... grow... or expand your business -- and you want to get it FAST without risking your personal assets, taking on partners, or qualifying at a bank... there IS still a way you can do it even in today's tough economy...

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Just imagine it... No more pressure.  No more hassles.  No more worries.  Hi, my name is Tunji Afuwape, I'm Not a Banker...am a Trained economist also the  senior contributing editor in charge of business opportunity in the Nigeria no 1 life-changing newspaper Success Digest". As a  business finance expert, i have been consulting for individual and corporate organizations on the best ways to raise funds for their business, the numerous consultations and meetings with the business owners and financiers had given me enough experience to put this information together for Nigerian Business men who are genuinely looking for funds to start or grow their businesses

“I Guarantee My Methods Can Work For You -- All I Ask Is That You Give Them An Honest Try...


100 Alternative Ways of raising funds for your business without going to the Bank

Nigeria’s first No Nonsense Guide to Business funding


Tunji Afuwape

If you've been looking for a quick and easy way to get ALL the funding you'll ever need for your business without risking your life's savings... your credit... or dealing with snotty bankers who have no clue what an entrepreneur goes through on a daily basis, then you've definitely come to the right place.
100 Alternative Ways of raising funds for your business without going to the Bank is "the most widely used and successful strategy guide for funding a business ever put together."
This simple and easy to use system is based upon years of trial and error and is responsible for helping entrepreneurs -- just like you -- secure over $456 Million Dollars for every type of business in the marketplace today... from home based businesses to corporations with multiple locations in Nigeria.
All you have to do is just follow the step-by-step instructions laid out in the course and you can be on your way to getting the funding you need -- no matter whether you business is brand new or if it has been around for years!
And the best part is (unlike other funding systems) you won't be locked in on a "single use" for this money either, in fact... you'll be able to use it for ANY purpose you like, such as...

Paying Your Salary
  Covering Expenses
Hiring Employees
Buying A Company Car
Leasing or Purchasing Office Space
Paying Off Personal Debt
Real Estate Or Stock Market Investing
Or Anything Else You Can Think Of

This course will teach you everything you have to know to get all the money you'll ever need  -- FAST!
It contains over 250 pages of easy-to-follow strategies, resources, checklists, and action guides...

Five Critical Steps You Must Follow:
Step 1: Determine exactly how much funding you need for your business or business idea.
Step 2: Learn the different types of funding available to you.
Step 3: Determine what type of funding is the right fit for your situation.
Step 4: Find the best source of funding which matches your needs.
Step 5: Put together a deal that makes sense for you today and down the road.
Doesn't this approach make a lot more sense?
You bet it does...
There are literally billions of Naira available to individuals, entrepreneurs and current business owners who follow these 5 simple steps.  And you don't need banks, rich relatives, credit scores, tax returns, financial statements or any collateral in order to get it.
Just figure out how much capital you need, match the right type of funding to your business situation, then follow my secrets for securing it and you're off to the races. 
100 Alternative Ways of raising funds for your business without going to the Bank will give you all the information you need to make it happen -- FAST!  It will provide you with a ton of proven tips, strategies and techniques you can use right away to help you in your search.
Hundreds of people have already gotten the funding they needed following my course and I'm quite confident it can work for you too

Inside this e-book:

  • Federal Government Loan assisted programmes- with contact details

  • NGOs in Nigeria Loan assisted programmes-with contact details

  • Capacity Building organization in Nigeria

  • How to genuinely create wealth from Nigeria millionaires

  • How to start your business without borrowing

  • Online and offline loan assisted programmes

  • Business funding initiative from foreign Countries

  • Alternative businesses you can start with little or no capital

  • Multinationals Loan assisted Programmes

  • Private money lenders with contact details

  • Equity finance companies-contact details and loan application form

  • Businesses you can do with your GSM phone

  • Get all the equipment you need to kick-start your  business with the contact details of equipment leasing companies in Nigeria

  • How to contact the real money givers, with special information on how to contact the top world billionaires

  • Unconventional loan sources that extend credit to business owners with no credit

  • Simple step by step methods for taking advantage of  business cash sources that you probably never even knew existed

  • The 36 most overlooked business funding sources and exactly how you can leverage each one of them to get your hands on all the money you could possibly need -- FAST!


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