I am sourcing for direct suppliers and growers of bitter kola (garcinia kola) who would extend to us a favorably trading status by giving us the most competitive prices, so that we could be able to secure customers.

Suppliers please send to us the FOB and CIF Shanghai sea port prices for different varieties of bitter kola.

We conduct our business using the safest methods by applying the procedures as outlined in Incoterm2010, UCP600, URC522.

Get the contact details of these buyers which contain, Telephone numbers, e-mail address and the  Personnel in charge.

Interested Nigerian are advised to chose one buyer while additional foreign buyers will attract additional charges

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Existing small business owners who want to expand into new markets will also benefit from this export information.

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  • Office:(DENCIL) 1 Ekololu Street off Lawanson rd. Surulere Lagos Export Centre