20 Businesses you can start without money


Have you always wanted to start a business but never had a clue what a profitable money making idea to pursue?  Finally! a powerful solution for every struggling opportunity seeker who ever dreams of owning a profitable business that generates unlimited income all you need to do is to choose the money making idea that s right for you, here is the 20 businesses you can start without money

Before you start: To succeed at any business, you will need to follow these basic rules. First, you need to find and believe in the product or service that you are marketing: Make a commitment to succeed through goal setting, motivation, and discipline: and develop the skill set to market and sell your business.

Most people who want to start their own business don’t have a ton of money laying around and it’s probably one the most common questions I get emailed about: How can I get started without a lot of cash? Well I’ve put together a list below of the best ideas I’ve heard and personally used. I hope you find it useful!

Earn finders fee as an Home-based exporter: Finder's fees are payments to third--party individuals that broker deals between buyers and sellers. The arrangements are applicable to particular transactions, and fees are calculated according to the size of the deal and the work involved pertaining to the third party. An export broker is a match maker Becoming an export broker is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways any prospecting exporter can raise money to go into full time export business. The advantages are enormous.

Starting from a little or no capital, an export broker could earn large “finders fee” with absolutely unlimited income. There is hardly another business requiring a negligible start-up cost that can put you into a six figure bracket so quickly than export business. It gives one the power, prestige and high respectability in his community. You can get buyers for some Nigerian exportable product like Ginger, Garlic. Charcoal, Sesame seeds Bitter Kola, Chili Pepper, Groundnut, you can get buyers for these product on line, you can go-ahead and convince the importer to come to Nigeria, if they can come to Nigeria you can help them source for the product, make sure you agree on the amount of money you are going to charge per container, as soon as they come, you can link them with the Nigerian farmers and collect your finders fee. I will be given out my 63 pages e-book on Home-based export business for FREE and it will work you through on how to earn finders fee as an Home based exporter

Publish a business directory in your field: A business directory is a booklet or pamphlet that is sold,, subsidized (bought and given away) or given away free to local citizens, visitors or tourists. The Directory contains a wealth of information of interest to visitors and is also enticing to the advertisers A small directory publisher works out a plan to list all restaurants, sights to see, banks, motels especially in his profession, then sells ads to the merchants who are listed. ..... details in the e-book

Set up a professional association in your field

A professional association or organization is a group of professionals in a given field who have combined their talents and resources to support that profession and serve anyone who is working within that profession or planning to pursue it. There are literally hundreds of these organizations, most with both national and local membership plans as well as local chapters. They are different than unions because they are primarily involved in advocacy and training instead of collective bargaining.

Help Nigerians millionaires set up a foundation or set up an NGO

You can set up an NGO or you can help Nigerian Millionaires to set up an manage their Foundation  A lot of Nigerian millionaires have a passion for the less privileged but they don’t have enough time to carry out such laudable activities; however they are ready to support any Nigerian who is ready to help them to carry out this project that will benefit their target audience. setting up an NGO requires little or no capital, a lot of people who have access to this information are making billions of dollars executing various projects for foreign donor agencies, an NGO in Nigeria (LEAP AFRICA ) received the sum of N2billion from Nokia Youth foundation, some NGO in Nigeria have been receiving millions of dollars from foreign donors, some of them don’t even have an office while some are using a room from their 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, you can start an NGO today while you earn regular income part-time from foreign donors. The process is a combination of common sense, hard work, preparation, courtesy, commitment, enthusiasm, understanding, and a belief in what you are asking others to support. Get all the details in the e-book

 Start a Consulting firm

 Another way to fund a startup is to use your skill to consult for others you can gradually transform yourself from a consulting company into a product company, and have your clients pay you for your expertise. Consulting is a big -- and growing -- business. It's not surprising that consulting is attractive to many people who want to launch a business. After all, if you have a saleable skill, it's an easy business to enter. No one will stop you from calling yourself a consultant and startup can cost as little as printing business cards and getting a business license. Today, clients have instant access to legions of experts at the click of a mouse, and they have found low-cost, offshore alternatives for many consulting projects.  I am a full time consultant and i can tell you that you can get paid without spending a dime. All these are revealed in my e-book, am giving out my special information on 30 Consulting Business you can start in Nigeria

Story Sales: Do you have a story to sell, if yes I want to congratulate you, as you can make some money by just selling your story idea, but you will only get N10,000 to N20,000 per story but if you learn the act of script writing you can put the story together and arrange it into a script and sell it for N300,000 to N5000,000.Get the details on a step by step guide on how to break into Nollywood without spending a dime. Its a great revelation

Exhibition/cinema - screening venues: Cinema screening provides a good source of income for movie producers and many are looking for quality venues.   A community hall, church premises, School hall or even a renovated warehouse may prove appropriate. Over 200 movies are being released into the market every month and you can help the movie producers to screen this movie in your vicinity and you will also be earning money for yourself as commission, I will be given you the details on how to partner with the movie producers, and where you can locate them

Acting : Actors entertain us by portraying characters in dramatic productions such as plays, movies, soap operas and commercials. Unless you are a well-established artist, you must compete for parts by auditioning. You spend many hours studying scripts to learn lines and cues, and doing background research to “fill out” characters you must be able to interpret your script very well, and you must also have a very good diction. Acting is about emulation, which is doing what is not your real self. Contact any of the movie producers and start earning between N5000 to 1Million per role

Online forums: An online forum is a virtual community of people who meets at regular intervals to discuss issues, share ideas and opinions, express feelings, ask and answer questions and buy and sell. The benefits of online forums to internet marketers are innumerable. However, some of them are highlighted in details in this e-book.

Computer class instructor: Computers have become part of everyone’s life, not only in the workplace, but in the home as well. They are part of our jobs but also part of our entertainment. You can check computer book section of a bookstore near you. Use the knowledge you have gained by offering to teach others how to begin using a computer, how to use it more efficiently, how to get more out of it, how to use specific software’s programs. A lot of primary and private secondary schools in Nigeria are looking for part-time computer teachers they are looking for a computer instructor who will teach their pupils “introduction to computer”; You can charge between N2000 to N5000 per hour depending on the number of students in the class or the type of school you are dealing with;

Motivational speaker/inspirational speaker: It’s doubtful that even the most successful motivational speakers’ people like Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins and Maryann Williamson dreamed of entering this field when they were children. Motivational speakers are not born; they are made. They launched their careers by speaking to smaller groups, collecting testimonials, and growing their businesses to a national level that you have really experienced some of the problems that you want to help your audience overcome, and that you practice what you preach. Be sure you add value by telling your customers how much they can change their lives for better. Your ability to lift them to greater heights is what will ultimately lift your sales to new heights. You will travel frequently unless you decide to market your presentation to a larger seminar promotion company and or hire others to teach in your place. The e-book contain how to Get Paid to Speak at Conferences, Seminars, Schools, Colleges, or Corporate Training Programs

Corporate Gifts: Many businesses need branded gift materials to promote customer loyalty and new sales; companies usually assign about 5% to 10% of their annual profit to their corporate affairs, out of which corporate gifts take a big chunk. As a new entrant with little capital, I will share with you the types of gift  items you can start, i will also share the secret of how you can start without capital

Master of ceremonies & comedians: An emerging and creative and rewarding profession in Nigeria commenced in the early ‘80s when comedy business started with late Gbenga Adeboye and Ali Baba on the other hand pioneering the trend. They did not only make joke making fashionable and profitable, but also set a pace for new generation of humorist and a new professional in the Country. If you are convince you can make people laugh get this e- book that will walk you into the comedy industry

Small Business loan Consultant: Thousands of small business may not be able to benefit from the federal government SME SCHEME, nor able to source funds from banks and other financial institution due to one reason, ignorance. This is why you need to set up a loan consultancy business to assist them in preparing their business plan. Some companies charge a small percentage of the total loan (1% to 5%) depending on the size of the loan.

Snail: Snail is an export commodity, which has value next to gold in overseas countries. It is a foreign exchange income earner of our days. Our climate is one of the best in snail breeding.  It is a great money-spinning business that can provide a substantial source of protein to complement Nigerian carbohydrate meals. The best period to commence snail farming is the rainy season,

Educational Tutor: Education is a major element of a child’s development. For parents wanting the peace of mind that their child is receiving the proper education, extra curriculum tutoring can be the preferred method of extending educational training beyond public school. There is one main requirement for starting this type of instruction business. You must be an expert in the field in which intend to teach or tutor. Beyond that, this business is very simple to start. Get the details inside our e-book.

Computer Class Instructor: Computer have become part of everyone’s life, not only in the workplace, but in the home as well. They are part of our jobs but also part of our entertainment.

Musical Instrument Instructor: If you have this training, make money with it. Teach others to play an instrument.  Many people who enjoy playing but are not professional musicians have a difficult time finding new sheet music or a place to have their instruments reconditioned or repaired. If you have the time and skill this is a very lucrative market.

Waste Nylon: Pure water sachet nylon used nylon used for various packaging including used shopping bags. There are network of boys and girls that pick them all over the country for sale for those who wants to recycle them. I will give you an information on the sorting process and where to sell this waste nylon and earn a good income. You will get my 84 page e-book on Polythene  bag recycling and Shopping bag production

 Process :(a) Sorting (b) Washing (if need be) (c) Drying (if need be) (d) Crushing (e) Packaging for supply.

Printing Business: Printing business is a noble profession, many people entrepreneur who hitherto had no knowledge of printing but with little efficient managerial skills are operating printing press. It has also provide jobs for small-scale entrepreneur who does not have enough money to procure the heavy duty machine, they can conveniently start with zero capital. I started my printing business with zero capital, it is a story i love to share anywhere i go and that story has inspire a lot of Nigerians and it will also inspire you too.

Proofreading: Some people have the talents to spot errors in printed materials and they do not even know what opportunity they are sitting on. Proofreading is the act of reading printed materials in search of errors prior to the actual printing or publishing. Now if you think you have the talents identified above, you also need to measure yourself. Now if you think you have the talent identified above, you also need to measure yourself against the following criteria: a good command of English language, higher education, and love for reading. You also require ability to pay attention to details, thoroughness and hard work. To get started in this sector you must be able to identify  the proofreading symbols which i will be given out in my e-book.


If you are really serious about making money and building a profitable money making idea into a successful home business, then don't waste any more time. Take advantage of these zero start up capital money making opportunities now.


Whatever you decide to do, be true to your family and yourself.  Do not spend money you do not have, do not spend your grocery money or next month's rent or worse yet go into debt for one of those other programs that promise you the world and end up delivering nothing more than a fancy looking certificate to hang on your wall.

I wish you the best in whatever decision you make – Tunji Afuwape


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