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The  two DVDs  contain a power- packed information on how you can start  your foodstuff exportation business

Here are the information inside the DVD

The ABC of foodstuff export to  overseas

Sourcing for prospective buyers overseas through the internet & how to identify genuine serious buyers.

.  standard & Acceptable  foodstuff export product  selling price determination

. The best packaging pattern for foodstuff products to oversea Countries

. Insider's secrets for   exporting foodstuff via Courier, sea or air.

How to detect and avoid international trade scams and fraudulent importers.

Where/How to source products locally

 The guaranteed, tried and tested way to get paid by overseas clients.

How to attract hundreds of importers to you simply by moving one step ahead of others

The guaranteed way to get genuine foodstuff importers  to do business with you

The risk involves in the food stuff exportation business and how to avoid it effectively

Special lecture from from veterans Nigeria foodstuff exporters who have attended various seminars outside the Country, this is a one in a life opportunity to synergize with the experienced foodstuff exporters who presently cannot meet the demand of the international market, you can help them source for some of these product, they can also help you get a ready made buyers for  your chosen product abroad.

Lecture from a representative of the Association of Micro Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (AMEN).  

Face book and Twitter Cash generator: how to use face book and twitter to generate massive sales for your foodstuff products

How to turn your foodstuff website to 24/7 money making machine this super lecture is tailored specifically to the foodstuff exportation  industry