Become a Social Entrepreneur and Make a Living Making a Difference

Imagine having an exciting and rewarding career that gives you the opportunity to make a living doing what you love while making the world a better place. You can when you start a nonprofit business.

Do you feel inspired to use your talents to help others? Would you like to change the world, or change the lives of a group of people? Do you feel passionate about the environment, human rights, education, literacy, health, or another cause that benefits humanity?

Now is the time to start doing work you believe in  by starting your own NGO

As a fundraising expert I discovered that a lot of funds are budgeted for some NGOs in Nigeria, often times such funds are returned to the donor agencies. I have compile the list of foreign donor agencies that you can get funds to finance your charity project.

As a nonprofit business founder (also known as a social entrepreneur) you can get paid to do good. Although you can't personally earn a profit when you start a nonprofit business, your nonprofit business can create a job for you doing meaningful work that benefits society.

For example, can you imagine yourself starting and leading a nonprofit business that is working to:

         Protect our environment

          Increase appreciation of the arts

          Raise awareness and funds to prevent illness

          Improve educational opportunities for children

          Help the poor in Nigeria and other African Countries

          Encourage diversity and tolerance

          Assist elderly people to live with dignity

          Provide relief in emergency situations

          Shelter abandoned or abused animals

          Another cause you believe in

As founding member of an NGO you will decide how to run the organization. You will lay the groundwork for deciding what issues to address, what programs to run, and how to spend your funds.

When you start an NGO, you can directly help the people who need it. Your programs could change people’s lives and their futures.

You'll enjoy freedom from the rat race when you start an NGO. you'll use a new kind of measuring stick for your achievements: one that measures nairas and dollars raised, lives changed, and people helped.

As founder of an NGO, you may travel the world for your cause, meet with powerful business leaders, or people grateful for your help. For many founders of nonprofit organizations, having hands-on involvement and seeing the immediate results of their effort are great rewards and motivators.  

In Nigeria, there has never been a better time to start an NGO than now

If you have the desire and determination to see your dream become a reality, you can learn how to start a nonprofit business. No special education or experience is necessary to start a nonprofit business the e-book I have provided will give you an instant guide.

However, if you’re like most people who think about starting an NGO, you’re probably excited about putting your nonprofit idea into action, but overwhelmed by the process of how to start a nonprofit business. You probably have questions such as:

         Where do you start?

          What steps do you take to start a nonprofit business?

          How does a nonprofit business raise money?

         How do you get both "tax-exempt" and "tax deductible" status when you start a nonprofit business?

          How do you establish credibility for your nonprofit business?

          How do you get volunteers for a nonprofit business?

          How can a nonprofit business raise awareness and get free publicity?

          How do you get government grants when you start a nonprofit business?

          How do you get donations from individuals and corporations for your nonprofit business?

          How do you organize fundraising events for your nonprofit business?

          What other sources of funding are available when you start a nonprofit business?

          What are potential problems when starting a nonprofit business and how can you avoid them?

You can find answers to these questions, and much more, in my e-book, titled


If you would like to start an NGO  this e-book and DVD package is for you!

 In this e-book you will discover how you can successfully start a nonprofit business. You will learn how to start planning your nonprofit business right now, as you move through the pages of this guide. 

Each chapter of this guide on how to start a nonprofit business is full of important information, helpful advice, and useful tips. By following the advice and using the valuable resources included in this guide you will be on your way to a rewarding career as a social entrepreneur running an NGO dedicated to making the world a better place."

What Is an NGO ?

A an NGO is a corporation that does charitable work. It is a type of nonprofit organization, and the founder of the nonprofit business is known as a "social entrepreneur."

How to Start a Nonprofit Business in Nigeria

      Steps to start a nonprofit business

      Strategic and business planning before you start a nonprofit business

      How to develop your nonprofit's programs

      How to create an identity for your nonprofit business

      Your nonprofit business name

      How to create an Internet presence for your nonprofit business

      Media kit for a nonprofit business

      How to set up your nonprofit business office 

          Choosing a location for your nonprofit business

          Equipment and supplies for a nonprofit business

          Incorporation of your nonprofit business

          Running your nonprofit business

          Forming a Board of Directors (plus advice on how to select board members when you start a nonprofit business)

          Hiring paid staff for your nonprofit business

          Working with volunteers

          Advice on how to raise awareness when you start a nonprofit business

          Tax matters affecting your nonprofit business

How to Get Money for Your Nonprofit Business

          Fundraising basics you should know when you start a nonprofit business

          Getting donations from corporations

          Types of donations

          How to make a list of possible donors for your nonprofit business

          How to approach corporations for donations

          Getting grants from foundations for your nonprofit business

          Getting government grants for your nonprofit business

          Finding available grants

          Writing a grant proposal for your nonprofit business

          Raising funds from individuals 

          Contacting prospective donors

          Organizing fund-raising events for a nonprofit business

          Selling related products and services to raise funds for your nonprofit business

          How to manage the finances of your nonprofit business

          How to assess your nonprofit business idea

          Additional ways to establish credibility when you start an NGO


PLUS, you will discover:

The Free Money Giveaways

Well as am sure you know, billions of Dollars are being given away year after year. You probably want to know “can you get some and how do I get it?” In this e-manual I am going to share with you options that are available to you staring with Millionaires that give away money, Private Grants and Corporate Grants. You should find the reading simple without fluff.

Do's and Don'ts

Here you will get tips that are important to follow when requesting a financial gift from a Philanthropist. If you break them, you will more than likely have lost your chance to get your request granted. I know from experience, I once lost a chance at getting funding because I broke the rules. The donor also told me that is why they were not going to award my request.

How to write a Letter of Request

From time to time everyone has an overdue bill. What makes yours special enough for them to give you money? You must express what makes you special enough for them to help you.

Content of your Letter

You will get the information on the real content of your fundraising letter

Sample Letters

Writing a good letter is very important for getting the funding assistance you may need. You don't necessarily need to be a professional writer or hire a professional grant writer. I have included some samples letters i. used in some of my fundraising campaign

NGO and Fundraising the real world strategies

The primary key to fund-raising success is to have a first-class organization in every sense. There are no entitlements in the nonprofit world. Successful fund-raising is not magic; it is simply hard work on the part of people who are thoroughly prepared.

Fund raising is simple in design and concept, but it is very hard work! It is planning, executing, and assessing. It is paying attention to detail. It is knowing your organization and what it needs. It is knowing who has the money, and how much they can give

You do not raise money by begging for it; you raise it by selling people on your organization. You can read my full article which was published in 5 national newspapers

NGO set up and Management

This a full to bursting inside-tell-all-information on NGO set up and Management

Locating The Money Givers

You probably couldn’t wait to get to this part of the Manual, the contact information. You will find a variety of sources and methods for getting all the names and addresses you could ever want. In the Grant section of this e-book I give contact information, but in this section I am just going to tell you how and where to easily get the names and addresses. 

Choosing a funding Organization

Whether you decide to use one of your current affiliations or to seek out one that you have never before contacted, the selection of the right sponsor is crucial because funders carefully examine institutional factors before they award you a grant. They will question whether the local setting and conditions are appropriate, whether available facilities like laboratories, storage, and support services are adequate, and especially whether your grant project seems to have strong community support.

List of Donor Agencies and Foundations

The purpose of this document is to pull together in accessible form information on private foundations and corporate grantmakers and their activities and priorities for Africa within the various sectors that USAID works. You will get the list of donor agencies and foundation I called them the African Grant Makers because they are donor agencies that are interested in African projects, i have included their organization focus and activities to help you in your area of focus

Grants to Individual

Get the contact details of individual grant foundation in this section

Writing Proposal

The first step in proposal planning is the development of a clear, concise description of the proposed project. In preparing this description, it is helpful to consider the project from the viewpoint of a potential funding source. The kinds of questions that program officers usually ask are

Affiliability and Eligibility

Do you know that there are some foreign NGO that want to come to Nigeria this information contain how to set up an affiliate agency of foreign NGO here in Nigeria. They will gladly receive your request because they will have an office here in Nigeria which will ultimatly strengthening  their funding and project  capacity

175 Foreign NGOs

Get the list of foreign NGOs that will like to have a branch office in Nigeria

Nigeria 140 CEOs

The list will allow you to contact Nigeria's CEOs for your fundraising

Nigerian Philanthropist

Get the contact details of Nigerian Philanthropists

Nollywood Celebrities

The contact details of Nigerian Nollywood Celebrities will make your fundraising events a worthy one, you will get their GSM numbers in the section of the e-manual


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