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This workshop took place few weeks ago, if you miss it you can now get all the valuable information in a CD and DVD



You'll discover the closely guarded secrets that Nigerian successful farmers use to vastly outperform their competitors time and time again

Objective: To produce a new set of millionaire farmers and initiate a rural development revolution that creates guaranteed markets for Cassava farmers in Nigeria.

Economic analysis in cassava production using the high yield cassava varieties If you get a land lease for one year for five thousand naira, One hectare of land will take 20,000 heaps, and you can harvest 30 tons of cassava. A ton of cassava goes for N5,000 to N9 per ton depending on your bargaining power. One hectare will give you between N150, to N270,000 per ton. However if you decided to add value by turning the 30 ton harvested into Gari you can produce 10 tons of gari. One ton of gari, when sold into the market will give you N125,00 and ten ton will give you N1,250,000. You can also make extra income by intercropping cassava with vegetables,  yams, sweet potatoes, melon maize, rice and leguminous crops. With effective farm management, a farmer should be able to produce between 25-30 ton of maize per hectare with the potential to produce two to three times a year with irrigation facilities. Subtracting the labour and logistic expenses you can still make between N400, 000 to N500, 000 per hectare. The bottom line is that the investor's potential is the ability to manage the agronomic operations of the farm effectively.


 Investment Opportunities in Cassava tubers production, opportunity to substantially improve your investment success, eliminate costly errors and take complete control of your financial destiny

 Farm Management techniques for successful production

Potentials in adding value to cassava products

Mixed Cropping Plans for cassava production powerful inside secrets that can transform your cassava farm into a powerful "money magnet as you can make extra money by planting other crops in your farm.

Investment Opportunities in Cassava flour & Cassava bread production: The federal Government has banned the importation of wheat you will be instructed on how to produce or source for high quality cassava flour for bead and other confectioneries.

Insight into production of other cassava products like: Starch, Ethanol, Glucose, Glue and Livestock Feed

 Branded Gari Production from cassava with Vitamin A Fortification: You can choose to explore the local markets and Sell to busy office executives, professionals, high net worth individuals, caterers, food vendors and other food service providers. you can also supply supermarkets, shops, restaurants, canteens, eateries, etc

 Insight into other agricultural business opportunities

 Joining the Cassava farmers and growers association of Nigeria and attending benefits: One in a life opportunity to get free loan being given to Nigerian farmers through the association

Your Success Is Completely Guaranteed

Here are is our life-changing bonuses

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BONUS I Contacts of Cassava tubers buyers in Nigeria, You can now earn finds fee by helping Nigerians cassava farmers to  sell their cassava tubers, you can buy from the farmers from N4,000 to N5,000 per ton and sell for N8,000 to N9,000 per ton, while  farmers can sell directly to these buyers and keep all the profit.

BONUS II: Get a land lease for just N5,000 per hectare: I have done the leg work for the first 30 attendees who want to get a land lease in some farm settlement around the Counties, it will come on the basis of first come first serve. This is an exclusive information for new entrants to get a farm land and start their own cassava farm and start planting during this cassava planting season

BONUS III: Opportunity to get the high yield Cassava variety at a ridiculously low price.

BONUS IV: Extremely high-content 3hrs 20 mins  DVD  at no extra cost an, ultimate reference guide for   Cassava farmers

BONUS V: Companies that are offering LPO for Cassava flour supply

BONUS VI Addresses of cassava stem buyers

BONUS VII: This GIANT 100 page Manual which is jam packed with all the jealously guarded, never before disclosed proprietary secrets in Cassava Promotion, Processing, Preservation,  

 BONUS XIII: Highly subsidized consultancy services for new farmers who needs assistance in the entire production plan which involves securing farmlands, procuring the stem cuttings and farm inputs, securing the farm equipments, managing the production and harvest processes

 BONUS IX: Various farmers association you can join you will also have access to the contact details of their principal officers.

 BONUS  X: Comprehensive information and return on investment (ROI) on 7 exportable products from Nigeria







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Cassava is a very interesting crops. Apart from the fact that it is a surviving crops which make it easy to grow under various climatic and agronomic conditions. Unlike other crops, the amount of money to be spent on agrochemicals is very minimal in cassava production, which thus makes the production very profitable


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