1. Attend our export Training and get our DVD that will provide the information you need to succeed in the Nigeria’s lucrative export Business
2 Go through the information on our DVD and chose two or three products to work with
3. Register your Company as a limited Liability Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
4. Obtain an Export License from the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC)
5. We will give you a YEAR FREE mentoring service.
6 We assist you in carrying out export planning
7. We assist you in securing a foreign buyer for you desire product
8. We assist you in sourcing for products requested by your clients and transport them to Lagos
9. You will processes NXP form and pay NESS fees through your Bank
10. You will arrange for warehousing and Inspection, we can also assist you on this.
11. You will engage the service of a freight forwarder
12. Your Freight Forwarder Books a truck and container
13. Your Freight forwarder loads and seals container at the warehouse
14. Your Freight Forwarder transports goods to the port
15. Customs inspects the goods at the port
16. Freight forwarder delivers the goods to the shipping line
17. Freight forwarder obtains transport document from the shipping line
18. Freight forwarder obtains Inspection report from Cobalt
19. Freight forwarder obtaining customs documents
20. You will prepare Invoice and Packing list.
21. You will forwards shipping documents to your bank
22. Your bank forwards the documents to the Importer’s bank
23. Importer’s bank obtain payment from Importers
24. Importer’s bank releases documents to the importer
25. Importer’s bank transfers funds to the Exporter’s Banks
26. Your account is credited with the Export Proceeds
27. Then, you repeat the process over again.